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            Welcome to York Animation official website
            Adventures in Duckport

            Adventures in Duckport

            Format: 52×11’ Full HD 2D
            Genre: Friendship & Adventure
            Target: 3-7 years old

            Welcome to Duckport, the largest town to be found amidst an archipelago of duck-shaped islands: The Beak Isles. It is the home to the Duckport Adventure Club (D.A.C. in short) – a small group of six younger residents of this tight-knit community, including the energetic Jack, the tomboyish Suzy, the girly Emily, the happy-go-lucky Ollie, the resourceful Corky and the creative Penelope. The six members of D.A.C. are always trying to help other residents in Duckport, though their help is often not required; their eagerness to be of assistance to the community sometimes outweighing their common sense. There, in Duckport, we’re going to experience many funny things with the six youngsters.

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