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            Welcome to York Animation official website
            Internet Business

            ABOUT YORKBBS

            ?most visited Chinese Network Media in Canada and Toronto.

            ?Provides various channels for visitors to obtain information, such as news, yellowpage, forum,housing,travel,food,etc.

            ?Biggest online platform for Chinese Canadian to interact, retrieve information and host events.

            ?Members consisted of international students, new immigrants,professionals,investors and entrepreneurs.

            Our Principle

            Providing fair, timely, balanced and objective information.

            Ensuring the highest quality service to both advertisers and members.

            Our Mission

            Encouraging visitors'interaction: offering local and international information that best serves the community;increasing brand publicity of clients through advertisement.

            • Contacts: Mr. Nie
              Tel: 0086-13140018297
            • Any questions
            • Adress:
              3/F, Building 11, 6 Cuizhu St., Gaoxin District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China