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            Welcome to York Animation official website

            Partners of Italy, the U.S. Came to York Animation Discussing Animation Production

            On May 4th, the international animation masters from Italy and the U.S. came to visit Henan York Animation Film CO., LTD., located in 863 Central China Software Industry Park. York Animation is an industrialized company that integrated with the creation, release, warranty and marketing of cartoon and animation and listed on the NEEQ in 2014 (stock code:830936). While setting foot in the capital market, York Animation has kept a long-term strategic partnership with many animation companies overseas, with the hope of pushing high-quality animation to overseas market.

            • Contacts: Mr. Nie
              Tel: 0086-13140018297
            • Any questions
            • Adress:
              3/F, Building 11, 6 Cuizhu St., Gaoxin District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China