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            Welcome to York Animation official website


            Format: 39×11’ Full HD 2D
            Genre: Adventure Fantasy
            Target: 6-15 years old

            The story is set in a fictional futuristic world, where technologies are highly advanced and artificial intelligence has been widely employed in almost every corner of the mankind’s society. In the city of High Towers, the most advanced AI, Sincro, rebels against humans and takes over the city. A group of youngsters escape the city and are saved by the Mekidoka Master Asari. Asari leads them to the ancient city of utopia, and teaches them the art of Mekidoka. The youngsters now must collect the pieces of the Sacred Hatchet, and use it to defeat the powerful Sincro.

            • Contacts: Mr. Nie
              Tel: 0086-13140018297
            • Any questions
            • Adress:
              3/F, Building 11, 6 Cuizhu St., Gaoxin District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China