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            Welcome to York Animation official website
            Invention Story

            Invention Story

            Format: 104×11’ Full HD CGI
            Genre: Fantasy Comedy Science
            Target: 6-9 & Family

            Invention Story is a 3D comedy series about a quirky fox inventor, Kit, who tries to fit into Carrot Town, a place full of rabbits – hopefully winning them over with his big heart and his amazing gadgets. The rabbit citizens in Carrot Town, however, are wary of Kit’s eccentric nature. To make matters worse, the town’s mayor, Silas Hopner, also dislikes Kit because he’s jealous of this fox’s invention genius. But Kit is not all alone. He has a spider assistant and best friend called Spinner. There are also a few rabbits who like Kit and make friends with him – and the daughter of Hopner, Princess, is one of these rabbits!

            • Contacts: Mr. Nie
              Tel: 0086-13140018297
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            • Adress:
              3/F, Building 11, 6 Cuizhu St., Gaoxin District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China