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            Welcome to York Animation official website
            Yoohoo & Friends

            Yoohoo & Friends

            Format: 52×11’ Full HD CGI
            Genre: Comic and Adventure
            Target: 3-7 years old

            Yoohoo & Friends features a group of cute furry creatures, who inhabit in the magical land of Yootopia. Yootopia is a place of which the ecosphere is closely linked with the well-being of the Earth’s environment. The Tree of Life in Yootopia is like a barometer of the Earth’s environment conditions. One day, Yoohoo and his friends find that the fruits on the tree of life start to rot one after another. They realize that this is an SOS signal from the Earth. To save the plants and animals on Earth, they leave Yootopia for Earth, carrying their favorite belongings, which will turn into magical gadgets if in contact with the mysterious Green Seeds.

            • Contacts: Mr. Nie
              Tel: 0086-13140018297
            • Any questions
            • Adress:
              3/F, Building 11, 6 Cuizhu St., Gaoxin District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China